In the attendance of Hamed Ben Zayed
Zadina…Worldwide Prestigious Store chain for Al Foah Dates
Combining both Originality and Creativity

Confirming that the UAE is a center of creativity and development, Al Foah Company announced the launch of a new international trademark for Arabian dates, Zadina.  Attended by H.H. Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court and Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Zadina Store for creative premium UAE date products was opened in Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi, on Wednesday, September 22nd.  Some members of the Executive Committee of The Abu Dhabi Executive Council as well Al Foah Board’s members have attended the inauguration.

Zadina is a unique store that 3-year market and consumer studies and researches have been made prior to its launch.  Its distinguished design and new products make it stands alone among traditional date stores. It reflects the UAE international leadership in developing unprecedented date products. It also offers luxurious presents and first-class trays that combine between originality and creativity.

“Zadina inauguration comes in line with the strategy of Abu Dhabi Government to promote the section of palms and dates in the country, and make Al Foah a leading government company in the sector development and an international representative of the UAE dates,” said H.E. Rashid bin Mubarak Al Hajeri, Al Foah Chairman. “This idea has been supported by the Board as Zadina opening today reflects the capacity and competitive ability of date sector to enter the international markets thanks to the date quality, marking a local success for the national farmers,” he added.

“The new trademark is named after the man of the agricultural development in the country, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who had the major role in the spread of palms nationwide. Today, the drive is completed by H. H. Khalifa Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE President. In addition, the root Zad (food) highlights the close relationship between date and the UAE community as it is the main source of food and medicine for them,” Al Hajiri explained the secret behind choosing the name.      

“The idea of launching Zadina targets all Arabs and Muslims date customers offering high quality products, in addition to reaching the foreigners who are not date customers but seeking delicious healthy food through inventing new types of dates in modern attractive packing,” Dr. Karim Mohyeldin, CEO of Al Foah Company pointed. “Date is a complete food contains the nutrients that the human body needs like vitamins, metals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids as well as it is considered a fruit which has high nutritional value that is important to human’s health”, he added.

”This  store in Khalidiya is considered the start of Zadina towards internationality. We currently work to  open three new branches during this year in Central Market in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Mall, and Dubai Mall. Al Foah seeks to open branches in the most important airports and capitals in the world as Tokyo, Paris, London, And New York in addition to some classy stores like Harrods and all this is within its future plans to ensure the spread of Emarati dates” Karim mentioned.

“The quality of Zadina products reflects the high quality of the local production of the farmers which represent the best Emarati dates. The results of farmers’ efforts can be seen  in promoting dates sector level in the country as they are the main factor in developing this sector,” Eng. Saeed Salim Messeri Al Hameli, the General Manager of the Company, confirmed.

“Zadina innovative products still maintain the spirit of originality of the Emirati community. This modernity is reflected in both Zadina many selections of packaging and the store’s design that all future stores of Zadina will follow,” Al Hameli affirmed.

”The launch of Zadina is based on three axes. First of all, the company has developed new products that are proudly introduced to the international market like Bisr juice in addition to other innovative products not available in markets. The second axis focuses on the unique touch of the store design which mixes the past and present. The last axis is providing wide range of dates trays and luxurious packs that can be ideal presents for all private occasions like birthdays, graduation parties, and marriage; public occasions like reception of delegates, and hosting leading figures; and meeting private orders in governmental organizations and departments,” Ghada Fekri Abdul-Shafi, the Chief Marketing Officer in Al Foah, the responsible for the project implementation pointed out.

”The launch of Zadina was preceded by studies, workshops, and many researches in many countries as we hired the most important international specialized professionals in field of food processing  from UK, Holland, France, and Japan to study the dates benefits and develop products in a way meets international customers tastes. Experiments and tests have been done in the field of research and development related to the taste of the new products based on customers’ needs and tastes to reach the international preferences . As for the store design, we used seven international companies regarded as best companies that are prize awarded in architectural design. We also sought other companies specialized in designing products packing in both New York and London,” Ghada explained.

It worth mentioning that Zadina products include in addition to dates a wide range of innovative food and beverages processed from dates which will be launched for the first time worldwide like Bisr juice which is the pure juice of organic dates of Barhi type without any additions or flavors. This juice is pure natural juice rich with power as it supplies body with necessary nutrients. Bisr is the stage just before the dates became mature to be Rotab, in addition to other products like date ice cream which is available in 12 flavors, luxurious jam with dates and other fruits, nuts in 10 flavors, cakes and bakery with dates like sponge cake with dates, innovative caramel made of dates syrup, trifles, dates slices covered with finest Belgian chocolate in different flavors as cinnamon, rose water, ginger, strawberry…etc. Moreover dates stuffed with nuts and dried fruits are available. Al Foah has introduced distinguished type of gelatin sweets made of dates with a percentage exceeds of 95% that is favored by children as it helps in implanting dates culture and healthy food in new generations.

It is noteworthy that Zadina is distinguished,  mixing original Arabian heritage and modernity. This is obviously reflected by classy packing that are adorned with awesome Arabic calligraphy with the modern innovative designs, in addition to elegant style of the store design where the used colors and lightings spread comfortable and warm atmosphere. The used colors are inspired of Arabic life style represented in the figure of dunes waves in a way symmetric with modern bright colors; all of this left a lovely impression on Zaidna  store visitors whether Arabs or foreigners.

It is notable that for the first time, there are products of fine trays suitable for important occasions and satisfy  the customers seeking for distinction to make it ideal present for all occasions. It is designed especially for Zadina products in cooperation with most known international brands in France, Italy and other countries. These trays are made of pure crystal, silver, and pottery; in addition to the availability of such trays adorned with golden patterns or semi precious stones, as well as trays decorated with hand drawings by international painters that’s all in order to made dates not only a symbol for Arabic hospitality but also a pampered fruit displayed as precious pieces capture hearts and sights by its high quality and food value in addition to displaying it in a classy luxurious way.

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