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Planning a wedding involves endless details, deadlines, family drama, and far too often enough stress to make couples want to just elope. This is when Wedding Organizers/Planners come to the couple’s rescue, they work long and hard to help couples bring their dream wedding to life. If you’re one of those Wedding Organizers/Planners, then you should enter this category and have your hard work recognized and rewarded.




Shopping for a bridal outfit, the most important outfit of one’s life can be quite daunting. Here is where the Bridal Designers & Boutiques come in play. They’re always striving hard to make this an effortless experience for brides by either helping them to bring their dream dress to life or by customizing outfits to make the bride look her very best on her special day. If you operate a bridal boutique or design your own range of bridalwear you should enter this category.



Weddings are the one occasion when you can’t afford to have a bad hair day or bad make up. Wedding hair stylists are often the first ones to see a bride in all her glory and the last one to wave her off before she sails down the aisle, having perfectly coiffed her hair into that dreamy style she’d always envisaged. If you offer wedding hair and make-up, then you may enter both categories separately.




Every bride wants to look and feel her best on the most important day of her life and needs a friendly professional to help make her look that way.

The transformative effect of their work helps make brides feel like a million dollars. If you offer wedding hair and make-up, then you may enter both catego-ries separately.



The wedding venue may be a very large part of a couple’s wedding budget. This award recognizes venues who not only provide the venue but an all-round service making the wedding planning process as simple and stress free as possible for the couple and their families and most importantly making it worth their money. If you go the extra mile to deliver a seamless service for every couple and strive hard to pull off all their special requirements to make their special day as perfect as they had imagined then this category is for you.

Whether your style is simple and elegant, or big and bold, there are no end of stunning accessories on the market to make you sparkle on your big day.






A wedding celebration is nothing without food and this category is for all those caterers that provide amazing culinary experiences at weddings. They will help you realise the menu of your dreams, deal with tricky diets and be amazingly creative with canapés and cocktails.





Flowers can set the tone for a wedding and are crucial to most themes and schemes. There is endless choice when it comes to wedding flowers, but which of these talented florists make a wedding picture-perfect? If you’re responsible for providing wedding flowers in any shape or form, then this is the category for you.



Choosing a wedding cake designer is not exactly a cake walk. If you possess the skill, creativity, and patience to bake and design a magical wedding cake which ‘tastes as good as it looks’ – whether it’s traditional or contemporary, whether you use fondant or buttercream, whether it’s a tiered cake or a cupcake tower. If you or your company offer a unique selection of personalized wedding favors to make the wedding of a couple memorable, then you need to apply to this category.


As much as couple’s dream of the perfect wedding, they hope for an even more perfect honeymoon. After all it is a once in a lifetime experience! Researching trips online is easy and fun, but when it comes to booking their all-important honeymoon, there are tons of reasons why couples prefer working with professionals who can offer them unique package deals and customized itinerary options. If you curate bespoke honeymoon packages which fits a couple’s dreams, style, and budget, then you must apply for this category now.


Weddings are generally always fun and wonderful; however, some couples like to go that extra mile and get some exceptional wedding day entertainment for their guests to rave about days after their wedding is over! If you DJ at weddings or operate a photo booth, run a business that provides entertainment for weddings or basically adds the WOW factor to a wedding via an entertaining performance or any other spectacular ways then you need to enter this category.



One of the toughest decisions for the bride and groom is to choose the photographer for their wedding day. They want someone who can capture their unique story and the essence of their wedding day; highlighting the best moments. From proposals to pre-wedding shoots and from engagement parties to the grand reception; the photographer is paramount in capturing each of these special occasions for posterity. If you offer tailored wedding photography experiences to suit any couple’s needs and deliver timeless and beautiful wedding albums, you must apply for this category. 

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