26-29 June 2019
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
3:30 PM - 10:30 PM

5-8 February 2020
Dubai World Trade Centre
3:30 PM - 10:30 PM





Otilia Brailoiu is a wedding and evening dress designer with a romantic and bohemian style.

With an experience for more than 10 years, Otilia Brailoiu is present on the international market in countries like Italy, China, Japan, Korea, New York, and more.

Otilia Brailoiu dresses are lining creations, made from trends, experiences and artistic instinct. Everything is well balanced in order to create something new, but in the same time traditional. The designers likes to say that her creations are living emotions inspirational and aspirational, in symbiosis with innovative fabrics which are “increased” on skin.

Otilia Brailoiu brides are about emotions, love, loyalty, positivity, femininity, seduction, ingenuity. “I’m beautiful because I’m loved! “

Website: www.otiliabrailoiu.ro

Instagram: @otiliabrailoiu