26-29 June 2019
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
3:30 PM - 10:30 PM

5-8 February 2020
Dubai World Trade Centre
3:30 PM - 10:30 PM



Soraya is a self-taught makeup artist who graduated from the German school - Cairo in 2001. She finished her bachelor degree in finance and travelled to Berlin to study fashion design at ESMOD fashion school. A few years later she travelled to Barcelona and got her masters in Make-up and Hair-artistry. 

For the past 3 years she’s been dividing her time between Cairo and Barcelona. Giving make up classes in the summer where she graduated from and working and teaching when she’s back in her native land.

In 2013 she was hired as the official make up artist and spokesperson for L’Oreal Egypt for the launch of the collection L’Or sunset. She’s also shooting their make up tutorials out soon on YouTube.

She was recently asked by Activia Egypt to supply them with weekly beauty tips and tricks on their official fan page. Soraya Shawky’s versatility is endless. Bridal & beauty make up is the least she can do. She works in fashion, TV , cinema and special effects FX. And she doesn’t sit still, she travels to clients homes, venues, studios and other countries.

Her attention to details is like no other. She’s as professional as they get and works with a huge variety of people in her line of work. She’s always ahead of the pack and always avant-garde in her work, she customizes unique looks tailored to clients needs and she uses the best products available to help her do so.

In other words Soraya Shawky is a perfectionist.

Instagram: @sorayashawky

Facebook: @sorayashawky