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Trust Us: These Easy Home Decorating Tips WIll Make Your Home Look Incredible For Eid


Ramadan and Eid 2019 home decorating and organising tips for Abu Dhabi and Dubai homes.

Eid is fast approaching and it’s time once again to welcome family and friends into your homes to celebrate this holy season. To make your guests feel special & comfortable during these visits and gatherings, you can follow these easy-to-follow tips!

Declutter And Organise

The first step in any decorating project is to clean up your space. Time to get rid of items, décor, and furniture that are either worn down or outdated. If an item does not “spark joy” anymore, time to give it up. Ramadan is the season of giving so this is the perfect time to donate some of your belongings to the less fortunate.

Avoid having your space cluttered with a lot of stuff. Utilise storage boxes, shelves, and baskets to store toys, books, magazines, pens, bills, and other knick knacks that are usually left lying around.

Wooden Sheep Shelves, Ebarza UAE

Wooden 6 Drawer Chest, United Furniture 

Cabinet Gobi Desert, Kare UAE

Balance Function And Style

When choosing how to style your home and rearrange your furniture, always find the right balance between function and design. Choose decorative elements that can be used in other ways. Instead of massive jars for example, choose decorative side tables to save space. 

Makarem Side Tables, Kashida Dubai 

Function is also very important if you are planning to renovate a section of your house. For example, if you are redesigning your kitchen, make sure that the space is designed ergonomically so it is practical and comfortable to work in.

Functional Space Planning by Nolte Kitchens 

It’s All In The Details

You don’t need to spend on large pieces of décor to impress your guests. By choosing items with intricate details or unique designs, you can instantly have a style upgrade. These items will also add character and personality to your home. They can also serve as interesting conversation pieces during celebrations.

Because a lot of Eid gatherings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are centred on food, a great idea is to look for interesting pieces of tableware like cutlery, plates, serving dishes, and beverage glasses.

Cutipol Goa White Matte Gold 24 Pc Set, Apartment 51 UAE

Multi Tealight Holder, Lifestyle UAE Ramadan Collection

Elegant Juice Glasses, 2XL

In the receiving areas like your living room, you can also decorate with lanterns, chic candle holders, and lamps.

Decorative Lanterns, Homestyle UAE

Batasha Wall Lamp, The One 

Add A Pop Of Colour

Many people do not realise how colour can instantly transform any space. If you’re looking for an affordable yet dramatic way to give your home a makeover before Eid, this is something you should consider.

Adding colourful pillows, art pieces, or rugs can liven up any room. These colourful items can also provide a festive feel to your home.

Paddy Velvet  Pillow, Amara 

Printed Arabic Art, Home Centre

Glass Table Lamp, Danube Home 

If you want to take it to another level, you can transform your dining area with a chic dining set featuring a unique colour mix. 

EauBonne Dining Set, Pan Emirates Home Furnishings

You can also paint a plain wall in your house to add a focal point in the room. The paint colour does not necessarily have to be bright or loud. You can go for muted or contrasting tones that match the overall style of your house.

Jotun Fenomastic in Peachy 

Use Smart Solutions

When guests come and go, it is not always easy to find the time to keep your home clean – there’s food to prepare, dishes to
wash, and floors to clean. However, you don’t need to do it all by yourself. Take advantage of technology to help you out. Installing a state-of-the-art dishwasher will save you a lot of time. Another great investment is a robot vacuum  so you can always make sure that your floors are spotless.

AEG Electrolux RX9 Robot Vacuum with Camera and Laser, Universal Trading 

By following these practical tips, you can make your home look beautiful and feel more welcoming this coming Ramadan and Eid. 

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