26-29 June 2019
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
3:30 PM - 10:30 PM

5-8 February 2020
Dubai World Trade Centre
3:30 PM - 10:30 PM



The brand is inspired by our chief designer Zahra Al Sharif and her Arabic heritage, taking ideas from the classicaland elegant design of the past mixing it with contemporary patterns and designs that defines the Arabic women of today. Her design concepts are not restricted to modern trends rather she goes the extra mile to reinvent the modern look of Arabic women making her a trend setter and fashion influencer. The brand believes that the modern Arabic women are entitled to express themselves and be comfortable with what they are wearing.

Their client list includes Gloria Estafan, local leaders, international clients and Paris Hilton. Zahra had designed for Paris Hilton when she came to Dubai to film on her popular reality TV show “Paris Hilton My New BFF”. Paris had selected our designer to dress her over several other regional designers.

Facebook: Zahra Karmostaji

Email: zahra.karmostaji@gmail.com

Telephone: +971 4 297 6200